Soccer Knowledge

How to Make Soccer Ball

To make a soccer ball, you will need:

-A large balloon


-A sharpie


-Ruler or measuring tape

-A black permanent marker

-A white permanent marker

First, inflate the balloon to its full size. Then, use the scissors to cut off the excess balloon at the end, leaving a small amount of air inside.

Next, use the sharpie to mark out 16 sections on the balloon. To do this, first make a horizontal line across the center of the balloon. Then, make eight vertical lines evenly spaced out from each other, making sure that they intersect with the horizontal line.

After that, use the tape to secure the two ends of the balloon together. Make sure that the balloon is round even before taping it shut.

Now, use the ruler or measuring tape to find the center of each section on the balloon. Once you have found the centers, use the black permanent marker to make a small dot in the center of each section.

Finally, use the white permanent marker to draw a pentagon shape around each black dot. Once you have done that, your soccer ball is finished!

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